Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Idea

Today i had a 'new' idea though in relation with hidden identity and the 'slight manipulation'. I thought, since my brother is autistic, i would try and compile photos which shows how autism is only affected mentally. This first came to me in our contextual studies lesson when we were reviewing past exhibitions and one student created an installation, in memory of he sister. I thought how my brothers autism constantly affects my and my families life so creating an exhibition in relation to this would be a good cause.
What i would intend to showcase would be 30+ images of full portraits (face shot), 5 or so having autism and the rest being 'normal' (and i use the word normal loosely). I think doing this will primarily spread the word of autism as it would show they are not different in appearence than any of us, i.e. why should they be deterred for the way they look or act. Capturing a still image would hold this within its borders without, hopefully, revealing their actions.

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